#3399 Improve description of 'trusted domain section' in sssd.conf's man page
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 4 years ago by mzidek.

After I heard about some mistakes people did when testing/working with the trusted domain section I decided to do a small sanity check of the man page with Justin. Here is the discussion after Justin read the man page:

<mzidek> now you have a scenario
<mzidek> IPA domain ipa.com has setup trust with AD domain ad.com
<mzidek> there is also a child domain of ad.com called child.ad.com
<mzidek> you want to enable shortnames in the child domain (option use_fully_qualified_names)... how would your sssd.conf look like?
<mzidek> and that is the task... write the sssd,conf ... feel free to skip parts irrelevant for the trusted domain setup
<justintime> I would think to add 'use_fully_qualified_names = false' under an added domain section [domain/ipa.com/child.ad.com]
<mzidek> yes ok, that is the correct answer :)
<justintime> hopefully customers will make that assumption as well :)
<mzidek> now... was there anything confusing in the man page?
<mzidek> somethiong that make you stop and think?
<justintime> I wonder if it worth clarifying that DOMAIN_NAME in [domain/DOMAIN_NAME/TRUSTED_DOMAIN_NAME] is the actual joined-to base domain, I am thinking to avoid in the IPA - AD Trust trust setup an admin attempting to use [domain/ad.com/child.ad.com] instead of [domain/ipa.com/child.ad.om]
<justintime> Only other minor suggestion would be starting with 'Only some(or certain) options used in the domain section' instead of 'Some options used in the domain section'
<justintime> otherwise it makes sense to me!
<mzidek> thanks a lot
<mzidek> is it OK, if I use this short discussion in a ticket description?
<justintime> sure
<mzidek> ok, thanks again :)
<justintime> not a problem

We should explain the [domain/MAIN_DOMAIN/TRUSTED_DOMAIN] format better so that people will not confuse it with [domain/DOMAIN_A/SUBDOMAIN_OF_A].

I think it will be worthwhile to provide examples for direct and indirection integration(especially indirect) to go along with the existing man page explanation.

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