#3389 subdomain_homedir is not present in cfg_rules.ini
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by orion.


(Tue May  2 09:27:03:831716 2017) [sssd] [sss_ini_call_validators] (0x0020): [rule/allowed_domain_options]: Attribute 'subdomain_homedir' is not allowed in section 'domain/nwra.com'. Check for typos.

This is with sssd-1.14.0-43.el7_3.14.x86_64. Also cannot find it in cfg_rules.ini in current git master.

And it is also missing in python config API

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3 years ago

Yeah, I added it to cfg_rules.ini but it did not appear to take effect.

hey @amitkumar25nov this looks like quite an easy fix if you'd like to contribute to sssd.

Basically it's about adding subdomain_homedir option to files under src/config/SSSDConfig and to src/config/cfg_rules.in and src/config/etc/sssd.api.conf.

You can git grep for 'override_homedir' for example for inspiration and just add subdomain_homedir to the same places..

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

or maybe this is something @jstephen would be interested in fixing this?

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3 years ago

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