#3370 sssd-secrets: support gssapi as authentication method against proxy server

Created 13 days ago by pbrezina
Modified 4 days ago

We should support GSSAPI as authentication method against secrets proxy server.

08:14 < lslebodn> simo: it is not enough; becase sssd-secrets does not have any krb5 ticket :-)
08:14 < lslebodn> just sssd has
08:16 < pbrezina> simo, https://pagure.io/SSSD/sssd/issue/3370
08:21 < simo> lslebodn: we can give sssd-secrets access to the keytab, nothing else is needed
08:21 < simo> either directly or via gssproxy if we prefer some privilege separation
08:22 < simo> pbrezina: thanks

4 days ago

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