#3328 Use search_all_domains in the list IFP methods

Created 4 months ago by jhrozek
Modified 13 days ago

This came up during code review of PR #174, but we decided to not off merging of the code because it's a cosmetic code issue. The code currently iterates over all domains, gathering the requests. Pavel suggested the following:

The intention here is to gather result from all domains, right? I implemented search_all_domains plugin option for enumeration use case to allow cache_req to not stop on the first domain with result but get result from all domains.

This can be used in ifp_users_list_by_name instead of iteration, we just need to switch the filter plugins to this.

We can also use it for the method implemented here. cache_req needs small work though to allow override plugin settings in similar way Fabiano did for PAM responder (cache_req_data_set_bypass_cache).

4 months ago

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13 days ago

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