#3274 sssd-1-13 and earlier only: requests without the "fast" flag do not reconnect to the remote server

Created a year ago by jhrozek
Modified 3 months ago

The responders can send the 'fast' flag along with their request. When this request is set and the responder is offline, the provider just responds with ERR_OFFLINE. However, when the flag is unset, which is what the PAM responder does, the provider should reconnect.

Ideally, the fast flag should be just checked by the Data Provider (which is what's done already), but right now the individual requests also have their own checks that shortcut the request while offline anyway such as:

    if (be_is_offline(ctx->be)) {
              "Backend is marked offline, retry later!\n");
        pd->pam_status = PAM_AUTHINFO_UNAVAIL;
        dp_err = DP_ERR_OFFLINE;
        goto done;

This is not how sssd-1-14 or master behaves, since we refactored the DP in sssd-1-14, these extra checks are gone.

The question is, whether we want to remove the extra checks in sssd-1-13 (LTM).

This is a minor issue for the next 1.13 release

milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.13.5
priority: major => minor

a year ago

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Is there a plan to work on this ticket. I am not sure whether it is required for downstream or not
but it is one of few remaining ticket for 1.13.5

3 months ago

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Yes and yes, we talked about this ticket yesterday on the phone. I need to do more tests first, because I found also master is not behaving as it should.

3 months ago

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