#3267 sssctl netgroup-show is not functioning
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by jstephen.

sssctl does not handle netgroup objects correctly, easily reproducible by adding a netgroup and running sssctl netgroup-show <name>

# getent netgroup mynetgroup
mynetgroup            (ipa-replica-f25.jstephen.local,-,jstephen.local)

# sssctl netgroup-show mynetgroup --debug=10
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000079 2016) [sssd] [new_subdomain] (0x0400): Creating [AD.JSTEPHEN] as subdomain of [jstephen.local]!
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000129 2016) [sssd] [link_forest_roots] (0x2000): [jstephen.local] is a forest root
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000176 2016) [sssd] [link_forest_roots] (0x2000): [AD.JSTEPHEN] is a forest root
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000301 2016) [sssd] [sss_names_init_from_args] (0x0100): Using re [(((?P<domain>[^\\]+)\\(?P<name>.+$))|((?P<name>[^@]+)@(?P<domain>.+$))|(^(?P<name>[^@\\]+)$))].
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000400 2016) [sssd] [sss_fqnames_init] (0x0100): Using fq format [%1$s@%2$s].
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000563 2016) [sssd] [sss_names_init_from_args] (0x0100): Using re [(?P<name>[^@]+)@?(?P<domain>[^@]*$)].
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000662 2016) [sssd] [sss_fqnames_init] (0x0100): Using fq format [%1$s@%2$s].
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000836 2016) [sssd] [sss_parse_name_for_domains] (0x0200): name 'mynetgroup' matched without domain, user is mynetgroup
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:000947 2016) [sssd] [ldb] (0x4000): Added timed event "ltdb_callback": 0x55a48d4e7470
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001076 2016) [sssd] [ldb] (0x4000): Added timed event "ltdb_timeout": 0x55a48d4eaca0
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001130 2016) [sssd] [ldb] (0x4000): Running timer event 0x55a48d4e7470 "ltdb_callback"
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001218 2016) [sssd] [ldb] (0x4000): Destroying timer event 0x55a48d4eaca0 "ltdb_timeout"
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001319 2016) [sssd] [ldb] (0x4000): Ending timer event 0x55a48d4e7470 "ltdb_callback"
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001374 2016) [sssd] [sysdb_merge_res_ts_attrs] (0x2000): TS cache doesn't handle this DN type, skipping
(Tue Dec 13 22:06:11:001461 2016) [sssd] [sss_output_name] (0x0020): sss_parse_internal_fqname failed
Name: Unable to read value [12]: Cannot allocate memory
Cache entry creation date: 12/13/16 16:37:36
Cache entry last update time: 12/13/16 22:05:41
Cache entry expiration time: 12/13/16 23:35:41

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milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.14.3

Replying to [comment:2 jstephen]:

PR Submitted - https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/109
It was fixed in master by different commit and not by this PR. It was a dependency for refactoring of nsss responder. And it's better to have the same commit in older branches.



and integration test:


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- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.14.3

4 years ago

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