#3231 Segfault while checking ldap_user_extra_attrs config options
Closed: Fixed None Opened 2 years ago by sbose.

The values of the ldap_user_extra_attrs configuration options are checked to make sure no internal attributed are overridden. For this all entries in the sdap_attr_map for user entries are checked. If there is no def_name for an attribute in the map and this attribute is used in ldap_user_extra_attrs SSSD fails with a segfault.

To reproduce this with the IPA provider 'ldap_user_extra_attrs = entryUSN:abc' can be used, with the AD provider 'ldap_user_extra_attrs = shadowMin:abc' causes a segfault.

The workaround is to removed the offending option from ldap_user_extra_attrs because the internal attributes cannot be overridden anyway. Nevertheless SSSD should not segfault and print a proper log message that the attribute name is already used.

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