#3188 krb5_map_user doesn't seem effective anymore
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sssd realm log

Description of problem:
Since a few days, it seems that the setting `krb5_map_user` on
`/etc/sssd/sssd.conf` is not taking effect. I have this property set to
`jpkroehling:jcosta`, so that my local user `jpkroehling` is translated to
`jcosta` on a given Kerberos realm. It used to work, but now, I see the
following on the logs:

Sep 13 13:37:56 carambola [sssd[krb5_child[15539]]][15539]: Client
'jpkroehling@REDHAT.COM' not found in Kerberos database

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
1.14.1 , release 2.fc24

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
I basically followed the instructions on [1] to get an automatic kinit whenever
I login.

[1] https://jhrozek.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/get-rid-of-calling-manually-callin

Actual results:
There's no valid Kerberos ticket, as it tries to get one for the user

Expected results:
A Kerberos ticket would have been obtained for `jcosta`.

Additional info:
From IRC:

<lslebodn> jpkroehling: Could you file a fedora BZ + provide log files with
<lslebodn> I assume that bug is caused by sysdb refactoring wich was done in

A possible workaround is to downgrade sssd:
dnf downgrade sssd-krb5 sssd sssd-krb5-common python3-sssdconfig sssd-ad
sssd-krb5-common sssd-ipa sssd-ldap sssd-proxy sssd-common-pac libipa_hbac
sssd-common libsss_autofs libsss_idmap libsss_sudo sssd-client

Another regression caused by the FQDNs in sysdb..

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Actually somebody can fix this. The problem is that the get_krb_primary compares a short name from the config with a qualified name from the provider. Since this feature works with only the primary domain, we can probably qualify all the names when loading them.

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