#3046 IPA-managed sudo no longer works with non-POSIX groups
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Seems like we broke sudo with non-POSIX groups in the 1.13 update. See:

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In sssd-1.13.4, we switched to IPA sudo rules schema stored at cn=sudo instead of the sudo schema used by sudo itself which is generated by compat plugin and stored at ou=sudoers. Setting the option ldap_sudo_search_base to ou=sudoers switch the processing back to pre-1.13.4 version.

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We do not want to support non-POSIX groups in sudo rule definition. Either switch to the compat tree container "ou=sudoers,dc=example,dc=com" or alter your rules so that the non-POSIX group is included by a POSIX one which is referenced by sudo as "sudorule ---> posix group <--- non-posix group".

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2 years ago

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