#2962 GPO: Access denied in non-root mode
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by lslebodn.

Pam system error (4) is returned in non-root mode for pam:account.

Feb 25 04:32:23 gs-per720-01 su: pam_sss(su:auth): authentication success; logname= uid=99 euid=0 tty=pts/7 ruser=nobody rhost= user=allow_u-15330@sssdad2012.com
Feb 25 04:32:24 gs-per720-01 su: pam_sss(su:account): Access denied for user allow_u-15330@sssdad2012.com: 4 (System error)

Directories in gpo_cache are created with wrong permissions.

(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [prepare_gpo_cache] (0x0400): Storing GPOs in /var/lib/sss/gpo_cache/sssdad2012.com
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [prepare_gpo_cache] (0x0400): Storing GPOs in /var/lib/sss/gpo_cache/sssdad2012.com/Policies
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [prepare_gpo_cache] (0x0020): mkdir(/var/lib/sss/gpo_cache/sssdad2012.com/Policies) failed: 13
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [gpo_cache_store_file] (0x0020): prepare_gpo_cache failed [13][Permission denied]
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [gpo_cache_store_file] (0x0020): Error encountered: 13.
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [copy_smb_file_to_gpo_cache] (0x0020): gpo_cache_store_file failed [13][Permission denied]
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [perform_smb_operations] (0x0020): copy_smb_file_to_gpo_cache failed [13][Permission denied]
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [main] (0x0020): perform_smb_operations failed.[13][Permission denied].
(Thu Feb 25 04:36:16 2016) [[sssd[gpo_child[24925]]]] [main] (0x0020): gpo_child failed!

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Patch is simple and I have WIP patch.

The question is how we want to solve upgrade?

Check for the directory/file ownership at startup in the main process and fi permissions before dropping privileges.
Alternatively provide a script to fix permissions and preexec it in the systemd unit file.

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