#2943 Split out the requests for IPA users and groups that include overrides into reusable requests
Opened 3 years ago by jhrozek. Modified 5 months ago

When coding up the externals group resolution, we realized that it would improve performance somewhat if it was possible to call only the requests that resolve users and groups separately w/o calling the full be_request machinery so that we can write all data in a single transaction as opposed to saving the local groups first and then resolving external members.

However, this would require us to refactor the IPA requests, but more importantly, have a way to pass in 'intermediate results' that we fetched from LDAP so far so that the requests look into this intermediate data instead of cache only.

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This is a stretch goal for 1.14

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Since the 1.14 branch is transitioning into maintenance mode and new functionality is being developed in master which will become 1.15 eventually, I'm mass-moving tickets from the 1.14 backlog milestone to the "Future releases" milestone.

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