#2860 Add support for disabling netlink use
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SSSD uses netlink to monitor changes to routes/addresses/links and trigger certain actions. Unfortunately, socket_wrapper (which is necessary for setting up Samba integration tests as a non-root user) currently doesn't support netlink sockets.
Additionally, stability of integration tests will be increased if they didn't depend on the changes to hosts routes/addresses/links, especially since they don't concern the sssd instances running integration tests.

For that matter it would be good to implement a command-line option or an environment variable support for disabling netlink use.

Even though we might get a fix in socket_wrapper, the comment that something like DHCP lease renewal shouldn't tinker with offline status is real.

owner: somebody => pcech

This can be targetting 1.14 alpha for now, until we have integration tests that test offline behaviour.

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The 1.14 Alpha release should be small and targeted at stabilizing the refactoring and important fixes, therefore I'm demoting this ticket to the Beta milestone.

Chances are Lukas will have to implement this ticket in order to upstream the Samba tests, but we'll see what that happens. This ticket by itself shouldn't block the Alpha release.

milestone: SSSD 1.14 alpha => SSSD 1.14 beta

Too late for 1.14 beta, sorry..

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