#2855 Move libsss_sudo.so outside sssd-common
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In an effort to move SSSD (the daemon) to a container and leave just the minimal bits on the host (for Atomic), I came across /usr/lib64/libsss_sudo.so which is in sssd-common (5.6 MB worth of dependencies) while other client libraries are in sssd-client (336 kB).

If it's technically possible, it'd be nice if libsss_sudo.so could be in sssd-client.

Jakub indicates it should be doable but notes that multilib has to be preserved.

Packages in sssd-client should be used by multilib applications e.g. libnss_sss.so can be indirectly "dlopened" by 64 bit applications and 32 bit application.
(32-bit web browser; ordinary 64bit applications ...)

But /usr/lib64/libsss_sudo.so will be used only by /usr/bin/sudo. If libsss_sudo.so was part of sssd-client then 32 bit version would never be used on 64 bit machine.

summary: Move libsss_sudo.so to sssd-client => Move libsss_sudo.so outside sssd-common

Yes, but that's not what I meant. I just meant if we move the library to client subpackage, then we must account for people installing both architectures, so the libsss_sudo location must not conflict between 32 and 64bit packages, especially if we move libsss_sudo out of libdir (we should).

Unless there is a project that needs this split sooner, I would target 1.14 alpha

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Replying to [comment:6 jhrozek]:

For planning purposes, what's the ETA on SSSD 1.14 alpha?

Replying to [comment:7 mmcgrath]:

Replying to [comment:6 jhrozek]:

For planning purposes, what's the ETA on SSSD 1.14 alpha?

Fedora 24/RHEL-7.3

As I said earlier, if you need us to do this change sooner, please just shout. It's also mostly a planning issue in our end.

Bumping the priority, this is important for container integration (and also not hard to fix, we should just do it..)

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