#2853 Investigate AD manipulation client tools (net, adcli, msktutil)
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For #1041, SSSD tool will need some a way to renew AD (or IPA) keytab. In Fedora, there are multiple tools to do operations with AD - samba, adcli, msktutil.

Looking at msktutil upstream README, I see it has
following capabilities:

- Create a computer account in Active Directory
- Create a service account in Active Directory
- Create a system Kerberos keytab
- Create a Kerberos keytab for a dedicated service
- Add and remove principals to and from keytabs
- Change the account's password

Looking at what adcli can do, it seems that msktutil would miss commands for user manipulation, maybe others.

The tools should be investigated to see what would make most sense using in SSSD to do operations on AD (keytab renewal, but also operations for joining domain mostly performed by realmd)

We should ideally use the similar tool limit the dependencies and also think SSSD may grow write interface in the future against AD/LDAP. This ticket is to investigate the tools and give recommendation.

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This is a task so the milestone is not that important, but 1.14 would be fine, since we may also work on keytab rotation by using msktutil..

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SSSD now implements updating the keytab using adcli, therefore I'm closing this ticket.

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