#2759 sbus_codegen_tests leaves a process running
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by nkondras.

When sbus_codegen_tests are invoked with "CK_FORK" environment variable set to "no", they leave a forked process running in background after completion.

I.e. after completion of this command:

CK_FORK=no ./sbus_codegen_tests

The output of this command:

ps ax|grep sbus_codegen_tests

contains something like this:

10323 pts/0    S      0:00 /home/nkondras/tmp/sssd/.libs/lt-sbus_codegen_tests

The above was done on Fedora 20, also seen on Fedora Rawhide, possibly other distros.

Increasing priority because it causes many failures in CI

priority: minor => critical

I think it was abandoning a fork before, but only recently it started killing the whole session on Rawhide, which is what causing CI issues. The latter doesn't happen on other distros. Lukas, do you know why would it do that, is that normal, or is that another (separate) issue?

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