#2609 [bug] sssd always appends default_domain_suffix when checking for host keys
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by nathanpeters.

FreeIPA includes the ability to have the sssd use a host key proxy to check for host keys on the server, rather than using the local known_hosts file, but it breaks if you use the default_domain_suffix

If you have setup your sssd with the following settings:
default_domain_suffix = addomain.net
use_fully_qualified_names = true

This allows active directory users from a trusted Active Directory domain to login to your FreeIPA clients by entering only 'adusername' at the login prompt instead of 'adusername@addomain.net'.

However, when you turn this setting on, it breaks host key checking. What happens is that the sssd is appending the default_domain_suffix all the time, whether it is needed or not.

Here are my sssd logs during a host key check when using ssh to connect from one FreeIPA host to another (same issue in FreeIPA 3.0.0/sssd 1.11 and 4.1.2 / sssd 1.12)

(Fri Mar 20 23:19:55 2015) [sssd[ssh]] [ssh_host_pubkeys_search_next] (0x0400): Requesting SSH host public keys for [ipaclient1-sandbox-atdev-van.ipadomain.net@addomain.net]
(Fri Mar 20 23:19:55 2015) [sssd[ssh]] [sysdb_search_ssh_hosts] (0x0400): No such host

As you can see from the logs, even though I am sending it a fqdn (ipaclient1-sandbox-atdev-van.ipadomain.net it is still appending @addomain.net to the address before checking for a host key for that host.

Ideally, you would not want it to ever append the name, even if a fqdn is not given. Here is why I think this should be the default behavior.

The default_domain_suffix is meant to be applied to usernames when logging in. It is not meant to be applied to hostnames, especially since the fqdn is quite irrelevant when doing a host key check since you will always be looking for that host in the FreeIPA directory anyway.

Thank you for the bug report, I sent a patch to sssd-devel

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