#2603 Make SSSD's HBAC validation more permissive if deny rules are not used
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ldb's documentation on ldb_dn_explode() which is called by ldb_dn_validate explicitly states:

 282   explode a DN string into a ldb_dn structure
 283   based on RFC4514 except that we don't support multiple valued RDNs
 285   TODO: according to MS-ADTS: Naming Constraints
 286   DN must be compliant with RFC2253
 287 */
 288 static bool ldb_dn_explode(struct ldb_dn *dn)

This breaks if IPA runs into replication errors, which uses mutli-valued RDNs internally.

Ignoring malformed DNs would OK as long as the ipa_hbac_treat_deny_as option is set to DENY_ALL (which is the default). Otherwise, we can't ignore any malformed DN because we can't be sure if it should deny access. This would be OK for 99.99% of deployments as DENY rules are not supported on the server side since ipa-2.1.

So I propose we:
1) Add a new error code that signals that the DN is malformed. Either it failed validation or it doesn't contain the expected fields.
2) If the ipa_hbac_treat_deny_as option is set to DENY_ALL, then skip malformed DNs, but log them
3) Optionally, after dereference, only store objects of the type we're interested in.
4) In master (1.13), deprecate the ipa_hbac_treat_deny_as option and only allow DENY_ALL.

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