#2581 Re-check memcache after acquiring the lock in the client code
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Since the application requesting data from the NSS client might be milti-threaded (and in the case of slapi-nis, it often is), we sometimes run into a race condition in the client libraries. It might happen that a thread checks the memcache, finds no data is there, waits for the mutex. By the time the mutex is acquired, some other thread already resolved the same data this thread is waiting on. In this case, it might benefit the performance to re-check the memcache.

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I don't think it is a defect.

This ticket might help only in case when more threads want to obtain information about the same user/group. it would be good to measure performance speed up whether it will help in real deployment. otherwise it would be just premature optimisation.

BTW: Patch should be very small.

Internal, not really testable change, it should not be cloned.

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Required for downstream, but not for Beta

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btw Alexander said this is needed for the server mode sssd, so I'm bumping priority

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