#2532 Memory hierarchy issue in failover code
Closed: Invalid None Opened 5 years ago by jhrozek.

When writing unit tests for ticket #1884 I stumbled upon a memory hierarchy issue that's been in the failover code for some time.

Servers that share the same hostname also point to a single instance of a 'server_common' structure. This 'server_common' structure is allocated on top of the server context.

When the collapse_srv_lookup function is called, it frees all servers, which may trigger freeing the common structure. But a later callback fo_resolve_service_done iterates over a list of pending requests allocated on the common structure, which results in a use-after-free bug.

This bug is a blocker for #1884. Please file into the same milestone.

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I'm sorry, this was actually a bug in my tests..

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2 years ago

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