#2499 RFE: Support multiple IP addresses resolved from a single host name
Closed: wontfix 16 days ago by pbrezina. Opened 5 years ago by jhrozek.

For some cases, it might be prudent to support load balancing over all addresses a host name resolves to. Currently we only pick the first one.

To mitigate long timeouts, a per-hostname timeout could be added.

The failover code would need to be extended to support multiple addresses per hostname. Currently each hostname (except for srv) is a single 'server' in failover terms. We might need to treat all servers similar to srv servers to expand them, even if into a single server.

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Not planned even for 1.14

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Thank you for taking time to submit this request for SSSD. Unfortunately this issue was not given priority and the team lacks the capacity to work on it at this time.

Given that we are unable to fulfill this request I am closing the issue as wontfix.

If the issue still persist on recent SSSD you can request re-consideration of this decision by reopening this issue. Please provide additional technical details about its importance to you.

Thank you for understanding.

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16 days ago

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