#2487 sssd does not work with custom value of option re_expression
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by lslebodn.

How to reproduce:
- configure sssd with ipa (ipa-client-install)
- amend sssd configuration with following snippet

re_expression = (?P<name>[^@]+)@(?P<domain>[^@]+)
full_name_format = %1$s@%2$s
use_fully_qualified_names = True

- try to obtain info about user

   getent passwd admin@ipa.domain

The change can be related to views because there is a failure in sssd_nss.log
(the request was not populated to backend due to this failure)

[nss_cmd_getbynam] (0x0400): Running command [17] with input [admin@ipa.domain].
[sss_parse_name_for_domains] (0x0200): name 'admin@ipa.domain' matched expression for domain 'ipa.domain', user is admin
[nss_cmd_getbynam] (0x0100): Requesting info for [admin] from [ipa.domain]
[sss_ncache_check_str] (0x2000): Checking negative cache for [NCE/USER/ipa.domain/admin]
[nss_cmd_getpwnam_search] (0x0100): Requesting info for [admin@ipa.domain]
[sysdb_getpwnam_with_views] (0x0040): sysdb_getpwnam failed.
[nss_cmd_getpwnam_search] (0x0020): Failed to make request to our cache!
[reset_idle_timer] (0x4000): Idle timer re-set for client [0x7f582f90fbb0][20] 
[reset_idle_timer] (0x4000): Idle timer re-set for client [0x7f582f90fbb0][20] 
[client_recv] (0x0200): Client disconnected!
[client_destructor] (0x2000): Terminated client [0x7f582f90fbb0][20]

It is not visible in sssd_nss log file, but function sysdb_getpwnam failed because it called function sss_get_domain_name which returned NULL.

RHEL regression, marking as critical and moving to the milestone where the regression occured.

milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.12.3

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Metadata Update from @lslebodn:
- Issue assigned to mzidek
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.12.3

2 years ago

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