#2394 redesign failover
Opened 4 years ago by pbrezina. Modified 2 years ago

Our AD integration has outgrown current failover code. The failover was not designed to support subdomains and we are running in more and more problems which are harder to fix.

The main problem is that the current failover has one context for the whole sssd_be process which makes it impossible to have different settings for root domain and its subdomains. We should redesign the failover in a way that there will be one separate context per domain.

We may also want to implement additional features like caching mechanism (since global catalog servers are the same for all AD forest).

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Mass-moving tickets not planned for the 1.13 release to 1.14

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This would be nice to have, but the changes required for the failover and responder refactoring are not scoped for the 1.14 release.

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