#2373 audit requirements for local provider
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Description of problem:

To comply with an audit requirement, the following steps must be audited when administering the local provider database. Every audit log must provide the information whether the audited request was

To be audited:

- creation of user / group -- audit of user / group parameters

- modification of user / group -- audit of modified user / group parameters

- deletion of user / group

- creation/modification of user password

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I'll add you to CC list of one BZ where we are still discussing the format of the audit data. Please wait with writing code until the discussion is over, but feel free to look at how the shadow-utils do auditing in the meantime.

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Not needed for the CC evaluation after all, moving out of 1.12.1

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We're going to need auditing when we support the local backend.

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Mass-moving tickets not planned for the 1.13 release to 1.14

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The local provider work will be done in 1.15

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The local provider is not being developed anymore, we developed the files provider instead. I suggest we close this ticket.

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I agree with jhrozek's comment. Closing this ticket.

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