#2364 RFE: Be able to configure sssd to honor openldap account lock to restrict access via ssh key
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Be able to configure sssd to honor openldap account lock to restrict access via
ssh key

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Currently if a system uses openldap for its authentication database and sssd to
handle client sessions, if a user is locked for any reason in openldap the user
can still authenticate into the system with an ssh key. The existing ppolicy
overlay doesn't account for this.

sssd should be able to take an ldap key as a config parameter and use that to
deny any access if the account is locked in the ldap database, no matter the
authentication method.

Specifically, we need support for the following:


This attribute contains the time that the user's account was locked. If the
account has been locked, the password may no longer be used to authenticate
the user to the directory. If*pwdAccountLockedTime* is set to
*000001010000Z*, the user's account has been permanently locked and may
only be unlocked by an administrator. Note that account locking only takes
effect when the *pwdLockout* password policy attribute is set to "*TRUE*".

Requested by RHEL-6, moving to 1.11.7

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