#2360 The SSSD dbus service should retry system bus connection if it fails
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by jhrozek.

Currently the SSSD dbus service tries connecting to the sysbus once and if it fails, the whole responder fails. This is not resilient to failures or misconfigurations in the startup order.

It would be better if the IFP service could retry before giving up.

Please note that this enhancement is mostly useful for pre-systemd systems. In the systemd world, dependencies are handled much better and in general messagebus starts earlier.

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This actually turned up to be quite important, bumping

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- 80af7e9
- 42b0c34
- 87d3c7d
- fbc3f00
- 3e57c78
- 727f4bf
- 906177a

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2 years ago

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