#2312 Fails to start in interactive mode when stdin isn't a pts device
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In Debian and Ubuntu, when using upstart, it's usually recommended to start services in foreground mode to skip some extra forks and to better track the pid of the service.

However when doing that, upstart executes the command with stdin being /dev/null which makes sssd exit as it's getting EOF from stdin in its handler. We tried an alternative of using /dev/zero which didn't make it exit but instead use 100% of CPU as it was reading zeros from its stdin. In the end we ended up redirecting stdin to stdout which happens to be a pts device making sssd happy and everything working as expected.

What's the use case for actually sending information to sssd through stdin and would it be a problem to have sssd keep running after it gets EOF? If so, could /dev/null maybe be special cased?

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As Sumit proposed, we should just close stdin.

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This problem occurs also in container without tty.

[sssd] [server_stdin_handler] (0x0020): sssd: EOF on stdin - terminating

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As Sumit proposed, we should just close stdin.


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