#2188 automatically assign new slices for any AD domain
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When a domain RID grows beyond the slice size it may make sense to have sssd allocate a new slice automatically instead of relying on the admin to find the fault and increase the slice size.
this also helps if there are large gaps in the RID space so that smaller slices are used.

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Makes sense, but perhaps we won't have the time in 1.13.

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Mass-moving tickets not planned for the 1.13 release to 1.14

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I ran into two cases that hit the hardcoded range size this week. We might want to reconsider. The cheap way would be to log more prominently.

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The IPA provider of SSSD always get the idranges from the server, see FreeIPA ticket.

For the AD provider we can add a scheme similar to the one used by the samba autorid module. If there is the RID outside of the rage detected calculate the integer part of RID/range_size and append this to the domain name as domain_name#N. Then take the hash value of domain_name#N to find a new slices for the RID.

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This ticket shouldn't be in the backlog but 1.13.4

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