#2181 Diagram of relations of our technologies would be nice
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When chatting about PAC handling by sssd and how sssd learns about it in the GSSAPI sssh authentication when it does no handle it at all, Jakub mentioned some hack in kerberos libraries. There probably are multitudes of similar inerconnections among the solutions and technologies we provide, both on IPA and sssd side.

It would be nice to have a diagram listing those connections.

Jakub mentioned that he should be able to craft one as a Christmas gift to mankind.

Not sure if I can do it by Christmas (well, 2013 Christmas anyway) but documenting the relationship between the PAC responder, GSSAPI authentication and maybe SSHD would be nice.

As a furhter clarification, Jan didn't mean to document the PAC responder per se, but also what is the relation between SSSD, GSSAPI and Kerberos in several scenarios.

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This task should not block the 1.11.4 release. Also I'm bumping the priority to make sure this task is not postponed indefinitely again.

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This task should not block the 1.11.5 release. Also I'm bumping the priority to make sure this task is not postponed indefinitely again.

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This is a minor task that shouldn't block 1.11.5 and perhaps should be moved out of 1.11.x completely.

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Hopefully moving for the last time..

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We keep moving this ticket from one minor release to another. Bumping to triage to assign to somebody for real.

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We need to do a release as requested by downstream. Moving tickets that are not fixed already or very close to acking to 1.12.3

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Moving tickets that didn't make the 1.12.4 release to 1.12.5

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