#2149 Add a contrib script to prepare two SRPMs for covscan-diff
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Our Coverity server allows for diffing two SRPMs. We should add a script that would prepare a baseline SRPM and one with patches for review to ease running the scans.

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I have just implemented something similar for 389 Directory Server. You might be able to reuse some of my work. The ticket and patch are available here:


You don't need to create two SRPMs. You simply need one SRPM where the source tarball is your baseline, and any new code that you want to scan is contained in patches that are applied in the specfile. You can read the details in the 389 DS ticket, but the general workflow that I decided on is to allow a developer to create SRPM where a patch contains a diff between two git branches. This is easily done with two simple commands:

git diff master workbranch > rpm/workbranch.patch
make -f rpm.mk patch_srpms

Hopefully you can reuse some of this for SSSD. Let me know if you have any questions.

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