#2117 [RFE] SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID
Closed: wontfix a year ago by pbrezina. Opened 7 years ago by sbose.

If the POSIX IDs are managed externally, e.g. by AD, not all available users and groups might have a POSIX ID assigned. But if these users or groups are IPA or AD objects and a SID we might want to store them in the cache to make SID-to-name mapping possible for these objects as well.

Currently non-POSIX groups are already saved in the cache, because we might need them to follow nested-groups hierarchies.

Non-POSIX users are currently rejected but should be handled similar as non-POSIX groups. Since I currently do see a use-case we can still reject them if they do not have a SID assigned.

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milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.12 beta
priority: major => critical

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rhbz: => 0

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summary: SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID => [RFE] SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID
type: defect => enhancement

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owner: somebody => preichl

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patch: 0 => 1

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milestone: SSSD 1.12 beta => SSSD 1.12.0

Pavel is on vacation, we will not block the 1.12.0 release and we'll merge the patches when Pavel is back.

milestone: SSSD 1.12.0 => SSSD 1.12.1

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changelog: => N/A, not directly visible to the end user.
design: => N/A not needed

Mass-moving all tickets that didn't make 1.12.1 into 1.12.2

milestone: SSSD 1.12.1 => SSSD 1.12.2

We need to do a release as requested by downstream. Moving tickets that are not fixed already or very close to acking to 1.12.3

milestone: SSSD 1.12.2 => SSSD 1.12.3

No downstream is blocked waiting for this release, lowering priority

mark: => 0
priority: critical => major

Revised patches are on the list for some time.

RFEs should be commited to the next release, 1.12.3 is mostly stabilizing now.

milestone: SSSD 1.12.3 => SSSD 1.12.4

I would prefer if the patches were only pushed to master since no downstream requires this functionality.

milestone: SSSD 1.12.4 => SSSD 1.13 alpha

Jan doesn't need this functionality urgently and the patches need to be rebased anyway, so let's bump the ticket to backlog.

milestone: SSSD 1.13 alpha => SSSD 1.13 backlog

At the moment we don't plan on implementing this in the next upstream release.

milestone: SSSD 1.13 backlog => SSSD 1.15 beta
sensitive: => 0

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- Issue assigned to preichl
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD Future releases (no date set yet)

4 years ago

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a year ago

Thank you for taking time to submit this request for SSSD. Unfortunately this issue was not given priority and the team lacks the capacity to work on it at this time.

Given that we are unable to fulfill this request I am closing the issue as wontfix.

If the issue still persist on recent SSSD you can request re-consideration of this decision by reopening this issue. Please provide additional technical details about its importance to you.

Thank you for understanding.

Metadata Update from @pbrezina:
- Issue close_status updated to: wontfix
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

a year ago

SSSD is moving from Pagure to Github. This means that new issues and pull requests
will be accepted only in SSSD's github repository.

This issue has been cloned to Github and is available here:
- https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/issues/3159

If you want to receive further updates on the issue, please navigate to the github issue
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Thank you for understanding. We apologize for all inconvenience.

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