#2077 [RFE] If originalDN is not available during LDAP auth, the SSSD should look it up
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This RFE is to request the ability for SSSD to allow for custom attributes.

Currently if there is no original DN attribute (which is the case because proxy provider is used), we just attempt to construct the DN based on the username and the search base. That only works if the DNs on the server are in the form of uid=$username,$DN.

We need to perform another search (probably by UID) for cases where we don't know the original DN, retrieve the user, update his originalDN and resume the authentication.

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summary: [RFE] Allow for custom attributes in RDN when using id_provider = proxy => [RFE] If originalDN is not available during LDAP auth, the SSSD should look it up
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There is a customer who is eager to test this functionality. I already have local patches.

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changelog: => Allows the LDAP provider to look up the DN to bind with even if the identity provider didn't download the DN on its own. Mostly useful as a way to combine LDAP auth provider with non-LDAP ID provider.

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5 years ago

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