#1905 pysss_nss_idmap improvements
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by abbra.

  1. Support tuple in addition to list as arguments. IPA Python code
    provides tuples to its methods when an argument is declared as list (+ or * suffix),
    to allow position-significant arguments.

  2. Support also Unicode strings and return them by default. Again, IPA
    Python code by default deals with Unicode strings in arguments (so, in
    upcoming 'trust-resolve' command '--sids' argument will give tuple of
    unicode strings to the Python method).

Additionally, returning unicode strings is important due to the fact
that user/group names are not limited to ASCII. More to that, Windows is
known to localise group and user names to target language, so that for
example, in Russian version a group with RID 498, "enterprise read-only
domain controllers" is actually "Контроллеры домена предприятия — только

When this ticket is implemented and the interface stabilizes, we should add some unit tests for the Python interface, too. The patches already include tests for the C API, but not the python wrappers.

There is already a patch for 1. on the list, so I'm assigning the ticket to Sumit.

I split 2. to a separate ticket - https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/1914

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2 years ago

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