#190 Acrobat reader: getpwuid_r failed

Created 8 years ago by villeys
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launching Acroread 8:
user @host ~]$ acroread

(acroread:4880): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (811)

id username works ok. This is with native LDAP domain, offline. No local domain defined.


"this means that the application isn't using /etc/nsswitch.conf, so implicitly using just the file value for passwd. A HACK to get round this is to ensure that nscd is running. To request that it is started, check for 5:on from chkconfig"

I suspect that nm-applet has similar issue.

Actually I get this warning both online and offline.

This is a bug in a third-party application. We properly handle getpwuid_r requests when they are handed to us.

The nscd solution provided above is a hack that just happens to fix the problem because nscd intercepts the getpwuid_r request. A proper solution would be for the calling function to behave sanely.

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The nscd link was just for reference. I tried acroread with without sssd and nsswitch ldap, no nscd, it works. But ok it is third party app.

Villeys are you using sssd on a 64bit system by chance ?

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ok this is a problem of 64 bit OS with only 64bit pam_sss and nss_sss libraries, and use of a 32bit app.
Resolution is to install also 32bit version of sssd so that 32bit pam_sss and nss_sss are available as well.

Closing as Invalid but worth documenting.

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I confirm installing i386 rpms fixed the issue on 64bit system.

Documentation needs to indicate that when running 32-bit applications on a 64-bit host operating system (e.g. i386/i686 applications running on an x86_64 kernel), it is necessary to manually install the sssd-client.i686 package or the 32-bit applications will be unable to see network users.

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