#1843 Add exit value section to sss_ssh_* man page pages
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The sss_ssh_* commands return non-zero on error but these values are not documented In fact, it is not documented that it would ever return a non-zero value.

I managed to somehow get sssd into a state where it couldn't communicate with the IPA backend. This caused connections from remote machines to error out. I saw this on my server secure log:

Mar 18 15:08:55 rawhide2 sshd[19335]: error: AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/bin/sss_ssh_authorizedkeys returned status 1

Sure enough, running this from a command-line returned the same error:

# sss_ssh_authorizedkeys admin
Error looking up public keys
# echo $?

I'm guessing it was a conscious choice to deny access on lookup failure to prevent a DoS against the key server. It would be nice to include this as well, if true.


Any error that would trigger a message to stderr might also trigger a sss_log() call, this would be more friendly to the admin than just "returned status 1".

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This was actually fixed in the Beta.

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