#1832 [RFE] Provide a new option to update the reverse DNS zone in IPA domain
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Currently the reverse records are updated automatically using functionality in the bind dyndb plugin. Especially in conjuction with TCP updates described in ticket #1831 we might want to provide a new option that would enable the client to send the PTR record on its own.

We might only permit updating the PTR records over TCP, which would make this RFE depend on ticket #1831.

See also this discussion on freeipa-devel:

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We need to try to update the PTR record when we do dyndns update against AD as well.
So we need to always optionally try a PTR record update. But ignore any failure, so it needs to be a separate update from the A/AAAA record update.

We did some basic tests with AD and found that client is able to update A and also PTR records.

A and PTR updates have to be separate because each update targets different zone (forward and reverse), so responsible DNS 'master' server can be different for both zones and each zone can be configured differently.

IMHO it could be nice to have independent enable/disable update option for A/AAAA/PTR records.

This is a subtask of #1504, I'm already on it.

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