#1807 [RFE] authenticate against cache in SSSD
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by dpal.

https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=910187 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6)

allow cache authentication in sssd instead of authenticating directly against
network server every time.  authenticating against the network many times can
cause excessive application latency.

There might be another ticket related to this case.

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This was requested again in ticket #2408, so apparently this is something our users would like to see.

To quote from that ticket:


sssd-ldap caches your credentials while the LDAP server is offline. But I'd like to have them cached while it's online too. There are some cases where you need to authenticate often (like Subversion over Apache). This would help speed things up, and reduce the load on the LDAP server.

The time should be configurable.


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This was requested again, so I'm bumping the ticket to NEEDS_TRIAGE. It's unlikely we ca squeeze it to 1.12, but we might want to prioritise it in 1.13 better.

milestone: SSSD 1.13 beta => NEEDS_TRIAGE

As discussed on the SSSD meeting last Thursday, we are moving the ticket back to 1.13 for capacity reasons. However, I'm bumping the priority as this functionality is requested periodically.

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milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.13 beta
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The patch is under review, but we won't block the alpha release over it.

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Metadata Update from @dpal:
- Issue assigned to preichl
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.13.0

3 years ago

SSSD is moving from Pagure to Github. This means that new issues and pull requests
will be accepted only in SSSD's github repository.

This issue has been cloned to Github and is available here:
- https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/issues/2849

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Thank you for understanding. We apologize for all inconvenience.

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