#1789 ldap_access_order improvements (man page fix)
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The documentation says ldap_access_filter setting is mandatory when using access_provider=ldap. However, you can configure the ldap_access_order so that the filter is never checked. The default value for ldap_access_order is just filter, which means that even if you set ldap_account_expire_policy in configuration file, it is never used unless the ldap_access_order is manually altered.

I think that the default of ldap_access_order should either include all possible values in some order and just ignore the ones that are not configured or that specifying for example ldap_account_expire_policy should add it to checking order automatically. Currently the configuration is not intuitive.

Alternatively the man page should mention this additional step (altering the ldap_access_order) in relevant locations or sssd should at least output a warning about set but unused configuration values.

I agree. We should both clarify the man page and print a DEBUG warning if the configuration doesn't make sense.

Configuring the ldap access control correctly can be challenging for users.

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