#1759 sss_cache -N/-n should invalidate the hash table in sssd_nss
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by jhrozek.

sss_cache only invalidates the ldb records, but not the in-memory cache that holds the netgroup record. We need to fix that otherwise sssd returns non-logical results:

getent netgroup netgr
-> shows netgroup, expected
(remove netgroup from LDAP)
sss_cache -N
getent netgroup netgr
-> still shows the netgroup, should not

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milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.10 beta
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Fixing this won't be necessary if we fix #1720 and get rid of the hash table completely.

Can be done post-beta in 1.10 proper.

milestone: SSSD 1.10 beta => SSSD 1.10.0
review: => 0

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milestone: SSSD 1.10.0 => SSSD 1.10.1

Moving tickets that didn't make 1.10.1 to the 1.10.2 bucket.

Moving tickets that didn't make 1.10.1 to 1.10.2

milestone: SSSD 1.10.1 => SSSD 1.10.2

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2 years ago

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