#1747 Refactor subdomain interfaces
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The subdomain code was sort of rushed in and the interfaces are not optimal.

In particular one change, that there are multiple 'domains' in a single sysdb database was not properly handled in the sysdb itself.

The sysdb had various assumptions based on 1 file 1 domain that need to be changed architecturally to avoid ripple issues.

One of the first things to change is that sysdb API now need to take a 'domain' as argument so that low level sysdb functions know what domain you are asking to operate on.

This was partially done by embedding domain in the sysdb structure, but was the wrong way around because we have multiple domains in a sysdb so some code started creating artificial sysdb contexts in order to fill them with arbitrary domain members. This made the code very hard to read and follow.

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The first part of refactoring landed in master:

git log --oneline e3ce042..f91e4aa

Second wave of refactor was commited to master:

git log --oneline 7a92ae1..3561e54

The third and last patchset was commited to master:

git log 2cbb879..4f118e3

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