#173 INI Parser should report failure to open a file in the error_list
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by sgallagh.

If you attempt to call config_from_file() on a file that you do not have read privilege on, config_from_file properly returns a nonzero error code, but it does not add an error to the error_list indicating that the failure was due to being unable to open the file. Printing the error_list thus does not indicate what failure occurred, making it difficult to determine what action needs to be taken to correct the problem.

As a relevant example, attempting to start the SSSD as a non-root user (who does not have permission to read the sssd.conf) results in the error message

[sssd] [read_config_file] (0): Parse error reading configuration file [/etc/sssd/sssd.conf]

The SSSD code then calls print_file_parsing_errors(stderr, error_list); but no output is printed to the screen.

I will think about what can be done about this.
The errors list is designed to contain only errors related to parsing of the file since it is caller choice to ignore them or not.

May be the way to go is to create a function that will return ini error string if the parsing returned an error and have not read the file at all.

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milestone: SSSD 0.6.0 => SSSD 0.7.0

With the new functionality of config_from_fd() this issue becomes less relevant thus can be postponed.

milestone: SSSD 0.7.0 => SSSD Deferred

This is needed for the ELAPI troubleshooting and as we said earlier we want to move the permission checking into the ini interface. So we need this change for 1.3.

proposed: => 1.3

File open error can now be captured in metadata.

Commit: e495687

resolution: => fixed
status: new => closed

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fixedin: => 1.2.0
milestone: SSSD Deferred => SSSD 1.2.0

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