#167 sss_tools should not invoke shadow-utils tools
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Related to Bug 165, we are not going to support using the sss_* tools to create users anywhere but in the provider=local domain.

Determining when to invoke the shadow-utils is causing far too many edge cases to handle, and with the removal of formal support for the "LEGACYLOCAL" migration domain (Bug 165), supporting it is meaningless.

We should treat it like any other information source such as LDAP: it should continue to be managed with the tools designed specifically for its use.

Fixed with 7a9bee0

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What's the extent of the "affects doc" tag here? Is it just a case of updating the man pages to read "<do something> in the local domain" instead of just "<do something>"? e.g., creating a new group with sss_groupadd can only add a group to the local domain. I'm assuming of course that this goes beyond creating users.


Before we made this change, the sss_* tools would try to manage users and groups in the internal SSSD domain if it belonged there, otherwise it would internally invoke the traditional shadow-utils tools and operate on /etc/passwd and /etc/group.

As of this patch, we no longer do that (we agreed that it was potentially dangerous to manipulate features we don't own)

So if the docs referred to this implicit invocation of shadow-utils, it needed to be updated. If it does not, then you need take no action.

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