#1643 Refactor sysdb interface
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by simo.

With the introduction of subdomain the sysdb interface has suffered from not being able to properly address subtrees in the cache.

To avoid changing the sysdb interface the sss_domain_onfo structure was added to the sysdb_ctx, but this is realy suboptimal as it lead to the need of fiddling with the sysdb context and conceals the domain code is working on.

A refactoring of this to split domain info out of the sysdb_ctx is really necessary to avoid bugs and return code to readability in some of the more complex and convoluted areas.

Sub tasks:

  • split sysdb and domains
  • remove all sysdb subdomain specific calls and fold them back into main sysdb calls
  • use explicit domain parameters to choose which domain to search
  • fold back into sysdb API decision on username format for subdomains
  • use absence of domain (NULL pointer) to signify 'search all' (?)

We may also want to split domain info in 2 parts, sysdb related domain info and other info, for example all the timeouts and other info are not used at the sysdb layer.

So we may want to have an inner sysdb_domain structure that carries only data that needs to be passed to the sysdb interface, and an outer structure tht corresponds to the actual sss_domain_info that includes stuff needed by providers.

Moving to 1.10 and bumping it up.

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Patches have been on the list for some time. It's also a refactor, which we've been marking as "tasks".

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summary: [RFE] refactor sysdb interface => Refactor sysdb interface

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