#1592 always reread the master map from LDAP
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The auto.master map is only read on autofs daemon startup. It might make sense to always read it from LDAP if online to make sure the contents of the master map are up2date when autofs is restarted.

I discussed the enhancement with the autofs maintainer and here is the proposal:

The automounter only reads the master map on startup or when it receives SIGHUP (which is an explicit way of telling the automounter to re-read its configuration). That means it's quite a rare event, at the same time modifications to the master map are quite rare. In both cases the admin expects the changes to the map to propagate to the automounter deamon.

In SSSD, we should implement the same behaviour the automounter implements internally, which is:
1. when a request comes for the master map, completely bypass caching and go to the Data Provider
2. the master map is called auto.master in 99% of the cases. For the 1% where it's not, we might want to implement an option to override the map name (automounter has that option).

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