#1558 [RFE] Use MS-PAC to retrieve user's group list
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by simo.

We currently use the tokenGroups control against one Ad domain server to retrieve the list of groups a user belongs too, not just for random initgroups calls but also during authentication.
We should instead rely on the MS-PAC at authentication time and use the Global Catalog to reslove SIDs into names/Posix IDs.
This is because tokenGroups is limited to the specific domain and may not be able to retrieve memberships that span through a forest, it also may have other restrictions due to the fact we use the machine account to call the tokenGroups control instead of the user's credentials.
We should use the tokenGroups method as a fallback if the user never logged in, but use MS-PAC/Global Catalog lookups for the normal auth case.

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