#1548 User authentication fails when password is read from a file using -p option of SSS_SEED tool.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by apeetham.

When -p or --password-file option for sss_seed tool is used to read user password from a file, the cache gets updated. However, user authentication always fails.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Ensure that the system is offline.
2. Create a file with a user password in plain text as given below.
# echo "Password123" > /root/passfile

  1. Execute the sss_seed tool to read user password from a file, as given below with the -p option
    # sss_seed -D LDAP -n user -u 10121 -g 10121 -c "Temporary user" -h /home/user -s /bin/bash -p /root/passfile

  2. Verify whether the user authentication succeeds.
    # ssh -l user localhost

Result seen:
Authentication fails.

The man page for sss_seed tool doesn't provide much info on how to create the password for authentication. Hence, plain text password was used which doesn't seems to work.

Amith, I think the issue is a newline in the password file.

Please retest with modified step 2:
echo -n "Password" > /root/passfile

Jakub, thanks for the update. It was a newline issue. Authentication is working fine now.

Strip all new lines in the file.

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