#1546 sss_seed "-h" and "--help" options should output similar results
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The man page for sss_seed tool shows "-h" and "--help" as valid options for getting detailed help information. Hence, the output of "-h" and "--help" should be similar. However when sss_seed is executed with "-h" option, a usage message appears with an exit status of 1 and when it is executed with "--help" option, detailed help message appears with an exit status of 0. Please review the output below:

[root@rhel-64 ~]# sss_seed -h
Usage: sss_seed [-?i] [-?|--help] [--usage] [-D|--domain STRING] [-n|--username STRING] [-u|--uid INT] [-g|--gid INT] [-c|--gecos STRING]
[-h|--home STRING] [-s|--shell STRING] [-i|--interactive] [-p|--password-file STRING] [OPTIONS] -D <domain> -n <username>
missing argument

[root@rhel-64 ~]# echo $?

[root@rhel-64 ~]# sss_seed --help
Usage: sss_seed [OPTIONS] -D <domain> -n <username>
-D, --domain=STRING Domain
-n, --username=STRING Username
-u, --uid=INT User UID
-g, --gid=INT User GID
-c, --gecos=STRING Comment string
-h, --home=STRING Home directory
-s, --shell=STRING Login Shell
-i, --interactive Use interactive mode to enter user data
-p, --password-file=STRING File from which user's password is read (default is to prompt for password)

Help options:
-?, --help Show this help message
--usage Display brief usage message

[root@rhel-64 ~]# echo $?

This is a man page issue. It affects not only sss_seed tool, but other tools as well.

The POPT_AUTOHELP generates '-?' and '--help' and not '-h' option. We use '-h' as short option for '--home' in sss_seed. So we need to replace the '-h' option with '-?' for help in man pages.

The help message needs to be update too, it does not show '-h' as alternative for '--home' (see sss_seed -?).

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