#1533 Improve recreating new ccache file when the old one is not accessible any more
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When the SSSD tries to reuse a ccache file that is not owned or readable by the current user any more, we try to just recreate a new ccache. However, this only works when the ccache template contains the random substitution (XXXXX). If not, the new ccache would have the same filename and most likely wouldn't be recreated anyway.

We should check if the ccache template would yield the same filename and if it would, warn the user in the logs that creating the new ccache might fail anyway.

See https://lists.fedorahosted.org/pipermail/sssd-devel/2012-September/011513.html for full discussion.

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Ondra, can you take a look into this issue for me?

What needs to be done is checking the krb5_ccache template for the random component (XXXXX) and improving the debug message introduced in 5feb9be based on presence of this random component.

If it does not exist, also include a new debug message saying that the old ccache and the new ccache are the same and re-creating the ccache might fail.

Maybe instead of checking for the random component it would be enough to just compare the new and old ccache names, depends on what would be easier in the code.

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