#1501 Make the LDAP bind operation timeout configurable
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Currently the bind timeout is hardcoded to 5 seconds. IIRC we wanted to make the timeout configurable when we were working on asynchronous bind, but then we cancelled the whole effort.

In order to make the timeout configurable, we might either reuse the existing ldap_opt_timeout setting or introduce a new one.

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This timeout is hit a couple of times during testing authentication of AD users with the IPA compat tree. The reason is that the IPA server has to take the credentials given in the LDAP bind to the compat tree and use them to authenticate against an AD DC from a trusted domain. Depending on network topology and server load this can easily need more then 5s.

I think using ldap_opt_timeout here is fine.

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I was helping gparente with a case which turned out to be this issue (Thank you for the great debugging help, German). Since even the customer confirmed our patch fixes the problem, I think we should fix this ticket sooner.

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Only clone when a downstream specifically requests this one. Otherwise treat as regression testing.

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