#1459 SRV servers are always marked as back up
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We forgot to mark SRV serves as primary when creating them. This broke SRV support completely. The SRV "meta" serves (aka srv records from the config file) must always be marked as primary.

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This might contradict to the expectations on the ipa-client side. I might be wrong but please check with Rob and Martin whether with latest changes the srv can be put into the list of the secondary servers by the ipa-client.

IPA client only configures ipa_server option with the list of primary IPA servers or with _srv_ generic record. Since a support of _srv_ in ipa_server won't be changed, there should be no problem in IPA with this ticket.

Dmitri, what exactly did you mean with secondary servers? Second, third, ... server in ipa_server option or the new option ipa_backup_server? IPA does not use that yet...

Dmitri's got a point. I thought we only allowed plain host names in the backup list (actually I'm quite sure that was the plan), but the man pages suggest otherwise. I'll bring this up on the devel list.

Unfortunately we're past string freeze so just changing the man page is not that easy.

As discussed on the devel list, we're going to disallow SRV servers in the back up list, detect duplicates between the primary and secondary lists and fix the manual page. That being tracked by ticket #1463 now.

The man page fix must be pushed on Friday at the latest because that's when we're going to re-establish string freeze on Transifex.

In the meantime, a fix was pushed to re-enable SRV support in master - 2ed0dc0

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