#1390 Add support for nested automount maps
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In order to nest two or more indirect maps, the second (third, ...) cannot use the auto.master format for referencing other maps, but it rather needs to reference the map as a link to other map in LDAP.

This is an example of automount map auto.ipa2 mounted as a key in an indirect map auto.ipa:

# ipa automountlocation-tofiles brno
/-  /etc/auto.direct
/ipa    /etc/auto.ipa
ipa2    -fstype=autofs ldap:auto.ipa2
share1  -ro,soft vm-091.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com:/share/share1

maps not connected to /etc/auto.master:
share2  -ro,soft vm-091.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com:/share/share2

When I use sss as my automount provider in nsswitch, /ipa/ipa2/share2 cannot be accessed. When I switch to ldap provider in nsswitch, it works.

I think it would be useful to have a support for the nested automount maps in SSSD as well.

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Martin, in order for the nested maps to work, both modules must be configured. This is not something the SSSD does, but automounter needs to know how to contact the nested map for information.

I was able to reproduce the bug with pretty much the same setting and also confirm that it's fixed when I set up the correct LDAP_URI and maps into /etc/sysconfig/autofs.

I just configured /etc/sysconfig/autofs with the following information:



Another gotcha on systemd-enabled machines is that the autofs must be started after the SSSD if the master map is only reachable via the SSSD, because the automounter only reads the master maps on startup. This is something we need to fix probably in the automounter unit file -- the automounter should be told to start after the SSSD did. We fixed the same issue for SysV systems (like RHEL6) with initscripts ordering but never fixed the bug for systemd-enables releases.

We need to make sure the autofs starts after the SSSD and I'm going to open a bug against autofs's unit file.

I'm going to close this bug as worksforme because the same scenario as you described works for me when following the two steps above. Please reopen the bug if you are still able to reproduce the bug.

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